A downloadable game for Windows and Android

On Windows version

  • Jump - Space key.
  • Run - WASD, Arrows.
  • Restart Level - R key.
  • Pause - esc key.

Give me Feedback, please.

Install instructions

For the time being, the game is only on Android and Windows.(will be released soon on browser)

if you download on Android:

Download the file, if the antivirus does not allow it, try to skip this.

If you downloaded the game, but don’t know where the installer is, check the "Downloads" folder, or find the downloaded file in the browser history and click "Show in folder".

if you download  to Windows:

Download the archive, extract it, Launch .exe file


AndroidRelease2.apk 17 MB
WinJack.rar 17 MB


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I love the aesthetics of this game! The models, lighting, and music are great. The 3D element was neat and I enjoyed grinding for coins (I got about 50 in 20 minutes, lol). This was a good game to make for a game jam!
Some feedback, the in game title doesn't match the game name, and I noticed that the jumping ability would 'disappear' after a while, leaving me stuck. I would also go through levels sometimes without seeing a coin, but that only meant to play again (: Hope to see more from you!